10 Most Dangerous Roads in the World

Top 10 of the scariest, most unsafe highways, bridges and roads ever built. Car and truck accidents and deaths are a common thing on these streets. Subscribe to our channel: http://goo.gl/9CwQhg

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The invention of the road dates back to ancient times thousands of years ago. It was one of the most innovative inventions that connected cities and countries together. Anything that had wheels had an easier time getting by, and it was the birth of road organization as we all figured out which side of the road we would use to move forward. Today, roads are paved with concrete, and man has managed to create roads in the most impossible of spaces, making the world more accessible than ever. However, just because a road can be built, it doesn’t mean that it should. Some roads seem to defy the boundaries that Mother Nature set upon us, but have we ever thought about the fact that the boundaries were set for a reason?
The roads on this list are considered to be some of the most dangerous in the world. Whether they have a high death toll, destroy a multitude of vehicles, or cause a numerous amount of accidents, it is best that experienced veteran drivers who aren’t seeking a thrill use these roads. Some of these roads defy physics and are sculpted on the sides of mountains. While it is a pretty concept, with breathtaking landscapes, they usually mean a pending death should you turn a corner wrong or even go just a few miles over the speed limit. So, is it worth risking losing your vehicle, or even your life by taking these roads? Some people don’t have a choice, as these roads provide the only access to major towns and home.
For example, the Himalayan Road is one of the highest roads in the world, as it sits at over 11,000 feet in altitude. Which means that an impending death awaits on each stretch of road, which is pretty much made of crumbling dirt. A lot of buses and trucks use the road since it connects India with Tibet, so not only do you have the road to worry about, but also the traffic of other cars who may or may not be paying attention to the road. Next up, we have the James Dalton Highway, which has become a legend by itself. The road sits in the most northern part of Alaska, which means it’s icy and cold. Not to mention that the road has a lot of potholes and is used by big oil rigs on a daily basis. Windshields get destroyed from falling rocks, and headlights are knocked out as well. Not to mention that this highway is also in the middle of nowhere, so if you run out of gas, you’re royally screwed. Rental companies won’t even allow renters to drive their cars on the highway, for fear of damage and loss of their product.
These are yet, but a few of the most dangerous roads in the world. Some people have created video channels of luxury vehicles trying out these terrains, with many of them not being able to drive away from the damage inflicted. So, if you see a sign for a road that says, “Highway to Death/Hell/etc.” it might be best if you just turn around and find another route.

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The Himalayan Road
James Dalton Highway
Sichuan-Tibet Highway
Skippers Canyon Road
Stelvio Pass
Eshima Ohashi Bridge
North Yungas Road

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10 Photos Taken Seconds Before Tragedy

Shocking pictures that were sadly taken right before the tragic death of the person in front of the camera.
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The following list offers 10 instances of the final moments of a person’s (or people’s) life chronicled through a chilling and very real photo. In each case, the subject captured is either happily oblivious to their forthcoming doom or just in the process of recognizing the dreary nature of their horrifying situation. One can’t help but look at these images and consider the fleeting, tenuous nature of life – enjoying a Kodak moment in one instant and meeting your end in the next.

These morbid images have never been more prevalent or easily accessible. The present selfie generation has been called vain and self-indulgent, but it is also one adept at capturing moments. Many of these images come from people who feel compelled to chronicle every possible aspect of their lives, often to their own detriment. In fact, this list reveals multiple instances of how selfies can go ever so wrong. The ability to post photos immediately from you phone and onto a wide array of social media sites enables an immediacy to communication that wasn’t available in the past. The below list even includes a tragic car crash that could be connected to the driver’s posting of a selfie within a minute.

The selfie-related tragedies prompt a particularly headshake-worthy rebuke as an ego-centric trend that hardly seems as though it should factor into life and death, but this list accounts for a wide array of emotional responses. Some of the below entries evoke pity for what’s to come for the unsuspecting photo subject, some are chilling in their candid clarity, some prompt a sensation of panic-stricken stress as viewers see what terrible fate awaits on the cusp of the photo’s action and some represent a much-needed symbol of a happier time or one final glimpse at a full of life subject.

There’s an unmistakably bittersweet sensation associated with seeing these photos and knowing the ultimate fate of the subjects. These people look alternately lively and blissfully unaware of what doom awaits them, and dreadfully hopeless in full understanding of their dire circumstances. It is both sobering and poignant to think that these photos have been able to live on and tell a story that their subjects were unable to.

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