Unbelievable Shark Attack Stories

Top 10 people that survived scary shark encounters on the beach and in the middle of the ocean.
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A fear of sharks is known as galeophobia, a condition that might be growing more widespread as media stories about shark attacks seem to be getting more frequent. Highlighted by the unsettling live video footage of professional surfer Mick Fanning getting attacked during the J-Bay Open event in South Africa, this summer produced an endless stream of media reports that seemed to point to a troubling trend of aggressive shark behavior. Heck, we were even subjected to the third offering as part of the Sharknado movie series.

Now, let’s be clear here – none of the reported attacks have been fatal. In fact, shark attack deaths are extremely infrequent, with many seemingly mundane activities bringing about a higher death toll. There were 15,000 deaths identified as being caused by cycling between 1990 and 2009, a period that produced just 14 shark attack fatalities. Even lightning strikes have been statistically known to kill 40 people annually, far exceeded the death rate for shark-related mishaps. Shark attacks have increased in sheer numbers over the years, but have actually decreased proportionally in relation to a growing population.

In reality, sharks have little interest in feasting on humans. Beyond population numbers, increases in attacks have come as a result of more people finding their way onto beaches and into oceans. For those who find themselves swimming far off the coast and in deep, shark-infested waters, you are occupying territory that belongs to them. If they decide to approach, it’s borne more out of a curiosity over a foreign presence than any vicious intent. Even when it comes to shark encounters, exploratory bites are far more common than attempts by sharks to devour human prey.

It’s understandable that it would be of little comfort for most people to know that most shark bites are more exploratory in nature than malicious. After all, a shark sighting is going to be downright frightening for a swimmer regardless of the shark’s intent. Armed with speed, power and sharp, jagged teeth, sharks offer a destructive enough force that any of the approximate 60 attacks every year have the potential to be deadly. The good news is that shark attacks happen to be quite preventable. Aside from staying near the shore when wading into the ocean, simple, easy measures like avoiding fishing areas and holding off swimming with open wounds can help, as can staying out of the water at night. If you do encounter a shark, do your best to stay calm, try to maintain eye contact and then back away slowly.

That being said, you still don’t want to find yourself in the crosshairs of a hungry, blood-thirsty shark. These 10 people couldn’t prevent shark encounters, but their crazy survival stories offer hope that you can live to tell the tale even after being in the presence of a Great White. Here are the remarkable stories behind 10 terrifying shark attacks and the lucky folks that survived the traumatic ordeals.

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Rodney Fox
Valeh and Sydney Levy
Joshua Holley
Russell Easton
Dolphin Rescue
Henri Bource
Pregnant Lifeguard
Krishna Thompson
Brook Watson
Bethany Hamilton
Mick Fanning

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Viral Video: DBKL Tak Berhati Perut Rampas Barang Niaga – MELAYU Cuma Berani Ngan MELAYU Je Ke!!!

MELAYU berani ngan MELAYU je ke???..Kalau Cina berani ke buat macam ni?? …Sedih dan kesian tengok akak ni apabila barang niaga minuman dia dirampas DBKL. Pikir sendrilah. Kalau tu terjadi pada family diorang nak ke diorang buat mcam tu? Benda ni dah selalu tengok dah, tapi ini yang paling kesian…MELAYU SESAMA MELAYU!!! Apa pendapat anda? Apapun jom kasi viral video ni, supaya dapat menjadi pengajaran kepada semua.

Wahai DBKL, pegawai2 yang MELAYU dan ISLAM, bertimbang rasalah dgn peniaga-peniaga. Berundinglah baik-baik walaupun anda dimaki. Mereka beremosi bila barang mereka hendak dirampas. Mungkin ini saja barang yg ada untuk dia cari rezeki. Ada anak2 yg mahu disara. Kita tak tau apa masalah dia tapi kalau dia marah barangnya dirampas, tentu ada masalah besar dalam hidupnya. Jangan anda penguatkuasa tambah lagi kedukaan mereka, Anda bulan-bulan gaji masuk.Mungkin kakak ni kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang TIADA MAKAN. Fikirkanlah.

Klaw yer pn makcik tu ade lggar undg2 xpyh jd kayu..ckp elok bg msa dia kmz brg..bkn ambik trz..mlyu ngn mlyu la..malu r..

Tu la siapa suruh berniaga air aje..
Cuba la bukak rumah urut ke, pusat karaoke haram ke, baru la DBKL tak kacau!…

Bangla Vietnam dok niaga x nampak buat bdoh Jew. Kami penduduk Malaysia niaga kena rampas plak…. Bgis punya DBKL

Mohon pencerahan dari @DBKL
1) adakah amaran sudah di keluarkan?
Jika sudah berapa kali amaran kepada orang yang sama?
2) adakah saman sudah di keluarkan?
Jika sudah berapa kali?
3) adakah notis sita/roboh sudah di keluarkan awal?
Jika sudah notis berapa hari/bulan.
4) adakah wajar pegawai wanita dbkl bercakap sambil menyentuh peniaga wanita tersebut yang di pegang 2 orang pegawai wanita dbkl seperti penjenayah besar?
5) adakah itu prosedur untuk menyita barang peniaga haram?
6) sudahkah dbkl membuat kajian, di mana pengunjung taman awam ingin mendapatkan air minuman di situ?
Harap balasan komen @DBKL boleh dibuat secara terbuka.

Alasan?? Xde lesen bniaga?? Bg la org tu bniaga dlu..nnt ade modal dia buat la lesen..Ntah2 hasil pun cukup2 bg anak2 dia makan je..Korang keje bulan2 dpt gaji boleh la…

DBKL = Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur

[VIRAL VIDEO] Blind man sees his wife for first time in 21 years and daughter for first time ever

This is one of those beautiful moments that will make you cry. This is the emotional. motivational and beautiful story of Daniel who has been blind for 21 years and and sees his daughter for the first time ever after eye surgery. Funny, my eyes are tearing up, is somebody chopping onions?


This is a parody original video from clickhole/the onion here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXqJo0zX364
A blind man can see for the first time in 21 years.

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"Two Bunnies Two Cups"

"Snickers Halloween Commercial"

"Obama Podium Fail"

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