Top 10 stupid things people have posted on their twitter account!
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Twitter has become one of the most popular social media platforms next to Facebook since it started in 2006. In 140 characters or less, people can “tweet” their thoughts to the World Wide Web and garner a plethora of followers who can reply and retweet posts for their own followers to see. Celebrities can grow their fan base as well as connect with their supporters. Fans can feel closer than ever to their favorite star by replying or favoriting a tweet. Why is Twitter so popular among the young generation? Perhaps it is because there isn’t much to the website and app except for tweets. The layout is clean, and the latest innovation of hashtags make it so searching for terms and names are much easier. It’s also a lot easier to react and keep track of current news and trends on the popular site. It is incredibly easy to send out a tweet, and users nearly feel like celebrities if they start to gather a following. In fact, some people have found a humble level of fame from posting their comedic thoughts on society on Twitter.
For example, a woman recently gathered almost a million followers thanks to her play-by-play tweets about a couple breaking up on an airplane.
With the exposure that Twitter provides, people have the potential to become overnight celebrities. But the exposure also means that you are putting yourself out there to be judged and criticized for your content. With this in mind, this video contains ten of the dumbest tweets that have ever been posted so far. The people on this list must have been clearly living under a rock, or they are brilliantly trolling the Internet into making them believe that they are this dumb. To spelling errors to incorrect cultural references, the Twitter users on this list certainly showed off their vast intelligence as well as earn themselves some fame for their brilliant posts.
Of course, with any post like these, it’s important to consider that these users could very well be trolls and are trying to get a reaction from the more intelligent population on Twitter. Usually the stunts work, and the perpetrator finds themselves swept up in a storm of replies ranging from being called names to having their family and friends threatened, because that’s how we seem to solve issues on the Internet.
In this video are ten of the dumbest tweets that have surfaced on the social media site. Some of the tweets may have been deleted, but thanks to the archive of the Internet and the magic of screenshots, these tweets still find some immortality. Some of the users no longer exist due to not being able to handle the backlash of their tweets, which means they could take what they dished out. From cultural references to epic grammatical errors, these tweets are almost endearing to the point where you want to cradle the user and hand them a dictionary as well as a social studies book.

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