Awkward situations that only Indians understand – at MOF, usually we're the ones making fun of stereotypes, but today, the awesome folk from TreePotatoes join us in showing how awkward things can get when you're that one Indian dude in a group of friends. I'm Indian and 100% Singaporean, and I approve this message.

Got any other awkward situations? Let us know in the comments!

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Directed by – Haresh Tilani & Chng Siwei
Written by Haresh Tilani
Director of Photography – Chng Siwei
Sound Recordist – Terence Chia
Edited by – Haresh Tilani
Produced by – Chng Siwei
Exec Produced by – Haresh Tilani & Terence Chia

Haresh Tilani:
Janice Chiang:
Elliot Lucas Marcell Tan:
Aaron Khoo:
Clifford Yow:

Audio from the awesome:
Ministry of Funny, 2014 😉