Top 10 Bullies who got what they had coming
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Turn on the television or fire up some news on the internet over the past several years and you’ll see that every now and then a hot topic comes along that gets a lot of media attention. Terrorism, oil prices, politics and the environment are just a handful of the big talking points that dominate the general discussions from time to time. These stories are always in the news, it just seems like every now and then they tend to dominate the headlines as if they are the only thing going on in the world. Then there is bullying. Over the last few years it seems like stories related to bullying have become more popular. At certain points, you couldn’t access the news without hearing about a bullying story, whether it be an assault or a bullying-related trial.
Bullying isn’t anything new. If you went through those awkward teenage years or endured high school then there is a good chance you ran into bullying in one way shape or form. A person who teased you on a daily basis or constantly put you down and said mean things on social media – those are a couple instances of what qualifies as bullying. In rarer instances, bullying leads to physical confrontations. The following video shows various examples of bullying. More interestingly, they also all demonstrate how the victims got their revenge, in a variety of ways, against those who had bullied them.

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